BullBear Quiz Feature

How to use our BullBear quiz feature!

Download the trading simulator app on either your android or ios phone using the links below.

You have a selection of different topics at different difficulty levels to help you learn the correct answer.

Each quiz has an article attached to it, where you can read it as many times as you want before starting the quiz. The questions will be based on aspects of that article so make sure you read it thoroughly – you may learn an extra thing or two.

NOTE: please remember the quizzes are information purposes only, not as financial advice.

Each quiz has a 4 minute timer, with each broken into 3 or 4 question. The amount of coins you earn depend on how many questions you get right, so don’t feel down if you didn’t get the correct answer.

The downside is once you have finished a quiz, you may not be able to re-do it, nor read the article. So make sure you’re fully sure before starting the quiz.

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