BullBear App Settings & Rewards

Information about the BullBear settings, rewards & brokers section of the app!

Download the trading simulator app on either your android or ios phone using the links below.


You can access the settings page by clicking the gear button on the right hand side of the vault.

The settings page has been revolutionised to be as easy as possible to change any information as quickly as possible.
In addition, you can also access the FAQ’s and T&C’s at the bottom, Invite friends, claim rewards and even Declare Bankruptcy if you need a refreshment in your trading practice career.


When you battle other players, it doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather a sensational victory feeling! You learn as you play along where your winning tokens can be used to redeem voucher rewards which include Amazon and Netflix.


Lastly, we have a list of brokers that we have chosen to be the best path for you to take out in the real world.

Download the BullBear Trading Simulator App by pressing the button below and start your gaming to earn rewards!

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