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Here we will provide you with everything you will need to know to start trading. From hints and tips from professionals to simple, easy-to-follow guides on how to get started, BullBear will be a hub for learning. If you want to get started in the world of trading look no further. We believe that knowledge is the single most important tool to be a successful trader, without an understanding of the stock market and how markets move you will be blindly gambling with your money. Prevent losses by learning to trade with BullBear!

About BullBear

We are a fast growing start up with a successful app with over 40,000 installs (download it now). The app provides a space for you to play games to get you familiar with how to trade and provides learning opportunities through quizzes and practice portfolios. We also direct you to our favourite brokers when you are ready to invest.

BullBear aims to provide you with training and tutorials designed by professionals to get you ready to trade. Sign up to kickstart your trading journey now.

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Why us?

BullBear is a team of dedicated traders and thinkers who want to help you learn from our years of experience in the trading industry. BullBear was founded in 2017 to produce an easy, approachable, and fun way for you to learn the ins and outs of trading. We started with an app, but we aim to be much more. We promise to share our knowledge so you too can enjoy the thrills of trading. Trading can be risky but by following us and keeping up with the latest stock market news you can find yourself eager to open a portfolio. Before you know it you’ll be having fun and earning from your trading account.

The app

BullBear wants to empower the next generation of investors. Learn to invest through competitive games and quizzes. Practice trading with live market data and dummy chips. It’s totally risk-free and great for beginners.

NOTE: This is not investment advice and should only be used as research and entertainment purposes only. All investors should make their own decisions and take on their own risks. If in doubt speak to a professional investment advisor.