BullBear Battle Simulation Feature

How to use our BullBear battle simulation!

Download the trading simulator app on either your android or ios phone using the links below.

The battle simulation is one of the 3 main features of the BullBear trading simulator app.

You currently have 5 different battle simulation options to face other players;
Duel – Free entry cost
Tech Sector – Entry cost of 10,000 coins
Digital Currencies – Entry cost of 10,000 coins
Popular ETFs – Entry cost of 30,000 coins
Healthcare Sector – Entry cost of 30,000 coins

Each of these battles offer a unique experience on how to trade but all share a common goal, be the player to gain the most profits overall. In addition, each battles have a time limit, with the duel being the least at 1hr – but fortunately, you are not limited to how many duels you can play at once – “It’s time To Duel”!

When you battle other players, it doesn’t feel like a chore, but rather a sensational victory feeling! You learn as you play along where your winning tokens can be used to redeem voucher rewards which include Amazon and Netflix.

So don’t stop here, download the trading simulator app below and demonstrate your talents to be crown the victor!

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