BullBear Trade Feature

How to use our BullBear trade feature!

Download the trading simulator app on either your android or ios phone using the links below.

Trading Floor

The lifeblood of the trading simulator app, the trade is the centre of everything we do at BullBear.

On our trading floor, you have 6 categories to choose from;
Commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil)
Crypto (Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum)
Stocks (Apple, Amazon, Google)
Popular (The most popular options people trade with)
All (All the above together)

Continue below to see the trading screen of a specific stock option.


This is the trading screen for a specific option. In this case, we’ll be using the Bitcoin as an example.

The graph shows the trends depending on what you want to look at with 4 hours, 1 day, 5 days, 1 month and 1 year. All the graphs are correct with real stock prices, and the updates occur every minute.

Below you have your available funds to spend (Not to be confused with Total Balance) and an option to either buy or sell by inputing a specific number or a percentage of your available funds.

Open/Closed Trades

The second aspect of the trading screen is the Open Trades. The open trades essentially is what you have traded, you can see the your profits easily on this screen, but to see how much you traded you need to click on the stock.

Like before, all prices are updated every minute.

The closed trades aspect is all your trade closures, so if you decide to sell Bitcoin from your open trades, it will move to the closed trades along with information such as profits/loss, percentages and others giving you the best real-life experience on trading.

Now you know how the trading feature works on the BullBear trading simualtor app,
We hope its not too much information at once, the update has made it extremely easy to understand so your journey starts as easy as possible without feeling pressured. Remember, stick to this before you’re ready to venture out.

Download the trading simulator app by clicking the button below
and we look forward to helping your lifestyle change forever!

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