Why learn to trade?

Trading is something that anyone can do, young…old…from football fanatic to wine connoisseur…postal worker or politician. Seriously, anyone can give it a go. Here we will take you through some of the most attractive things about trading to motivate you! 

A small disclaimer… Don’t confuse trading with a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Frankly there is no such thing! Trading takes time and effort and a lot of learning to get you on the right track, but it is well worth the rewards. 

Something to do

I’m sure a lot of people are feeling bored at the moment with all the Coronavirus restrictions. Have you been itching for a new hobby? Well trading could be the perfect answer to your prayers. It will give you something to read about in your spare time, a sense of being connected to the world and a bit of excitement when you think of the potential. Most professionals start off trading as a hobby, it really is a fulfilling use of your free time. Would you rather be watching sitcom re-runs or learning something new that could potentially lead to profit?

The feeling

Trading successfully is empowering, you get a feeling of fulfilment and personal satisfaction from making a profit. Of course, not everyday can be so good, stocks are unpredictable after all. If you talk to a well seasoned trader they will talk about the thrill of a successful trade, there’s nothing quite like it! But it doesn’t come without careful planning.

Additional income

Naturally, one associates trading with making loads of money. And this can be true! Trading successfully can provide you with more financial freedom which will both ease your mind and mean you can enjoy more of the perks in life! It can be anything from wanting to treat your partner to a proper date night, saving for a holiday or even investing in your future. Starting off you should see trading as a supplementary income, it will take a while before you become good enough to be consistent enough to rely on trading as an income. It’s important to mention that you’ll need to invest and therefore risk your own capital, which is even more reason to take your time to learn the skills of the trade before investing real money.


Ever seen people who live in the Bahamas and you wonder how they can afford that lifestyle? Well trading is one of those jobs you can do remotely. As long as you have a decent wifi connection you can pretty much trade from wherever you like. Pursuing trading is something that can provide you freedom, of your schedule, location and so much more. 

So hopefully you now have an idea of whether you’d like to get started with trading. For most, the draw of financial freedom and the exhilaration you feel when successful is well worth the time it takes to learn. Get kickstarted with BullBear, learn how to be a successful trader with our app and online resources.

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