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In our last article we discussed the difficulties of switching to trading remotely under COVID-19, but it’s not all doom and gloom! The switch to remote working has led to a huge increase in digital nomads. Why stay in dingy England when you can fly to a beach-side villa and be just as productive? Cue WFA’s (work from anywhere) employees, who since the pandemic have substituted their usual routines for those of travel-brochure worthy locations. No longer are digital nomads niche, some even say they are the next normal…

Anyone, from any age or location can trade nowadays. Traders who are just starting off their careers can have flexibility whilst they start up. For many, companies are extending their work from home policies through 2020 and some through 2021! If you’ve been waiting for a long trip abroad but have always been restricted by work, now is the time. Forward-thinking companies and the younger workforce have been quick to adopt the WFA lifestyle with employees at remote locations across the globe, all connected online. 

Some nations are encouraging foreigners to work remotely to boost their local economies. Destinations such as Barbados, Estonia and Georgia are among those introducing new visas to encourage digital nomads. You may think in the midst of a pandemic it is not wise to travel… But statistics show people are taking much longer trips abroad to make the headache of travelling under Corona worthwhile. Combining a holiday and work may be the perfect solution to satisfy your travel cravings. Perhaps Barbados is a little exotic for you, don’t threat, there has been a boom in the use of long-let AirBnB’s and communal work spaces, such as WeWork, across Europe as people are banned from their own offices. Ever wanted to live in Paris? Warsaw? Amsterdam?

Does trading suit the laptop lifestyle?

As a trader you can be your own boss, working for yourself and managing your own time. It can also mean some weeks you focus on certain markets and the next you can change, the structure is up to you! And hey, if you want a day off to enjoy the gorgeous weather or special cultural event you can do that too. Remote trading has the security of having a market that is always there and always possible to make profit on, no matter how much COVID-19 has wrecked the economy whilst having the flexibility of accessing markets 24/7.

A hot field for trading remotely is proprietary trading. This way you can treat your portfolio like a self-funded account, except you don’t have to take the hit of losses. This no-risk trading format is very popular for forex traders and those who want a little more freedom. The fund takes any losses while you take home all the profits. Sounds too good to be true? Proprietary fund trading can do this as there is no broker taking a cut or willing you to lose to make their own profits, instead remote proprietary trading funds act as a client of the broker to protect forex traders from losses. This is suitable for beginners and experts alike for different reasons, but in the end it all comes down to low risk, high reward!

What once seemed like a pipe-dream to work and live in the hottest of destinations has now become a viable option. Joining the WFA community means you can work by day to fund your nights! Want to learn to trade? Check out BullBear, where anyone can become a successful trader. 

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