BullBear App – New Update Features

A short introduction to all the features on the BullBear Trading Simulator App

Download the trading simulator app on either your android or ios phone below!

Vault (Home Screen)

The Vault is the default home screen you log-in to the app. Here, you’ll be able to see your balance and transaction history.


The biggest feature of the trading simulator, the trading screen houses both the Trading Floor and Open Trades. The trading floor is broken in 6 parts; All, Commodities, Crypto, Forex, Popular, and Stocks. While not every stock option is on the app, but we have a variety of popular options available for you to practice on.

The Open Trades screen is our current open trades, where you can easily view your profits and percentage increase/decrease. In addition, you can also view or hide your closed trades history by clicking the arrow.


The battle simulation will put not only your knowledge but also your practice skills to the test against other players to the test. You have 5 different battle options, the bigger the entry fee, the bigger the prize.


This screen is one of the most important parts of the trade simulator. Before answering the questions, you have a chance to read a small article in which the questions will test you on, or you can put your knowledge to the test and win some coins as rewards, depending on how many questions you answer correctly.


Easily found on the Vault (Home Page) by pressing the gear icon, this is the place where you can do a number of things such as;
– Switch between light and dark mode
– Change account username, email and password
– FAQ’s and T&C’s
– Claim Rewards – Turn those hard earned BB Coins into rewards
– Declare Bankruptcy – Where you can start all over again once you have no money left

Don’t forget to invite friends to receive bonus coins to your account!


When you are ready to head out to the real world of trading, consider using Etoro or easyMarkets both which have an easy to use app for all trades in stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

Download the trading simualtor app to start practicing trading in commodities, cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks as well as learning different aspects and showcasing your talents against other players today!
Click the button below.

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