Bi-Weekly Stock Prices: 19th July – 2nd August

With stock prices ever changing, we have created a bi-weekly blog on the price trends of all the stocks on our Bullbear app, which prices are mirrored to other broker apps, off by a few pennies give or take.

Just to note, we started this trend tracking on the 19th July, so please bear in mind in this. The image above is our current schedule on highlighting some of the brands we have on the app onto our social media channels which you can view here: Facebook, Facebook Group, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram. Lastly, this is the average prices amongst other brokers, so don’t take this as the accurate pricing as it may very well have been changed as soon as it was posted.

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On Monday, we decided to use 6 big brands; Amazon, Facebook, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix and Tesla. These are the starting prices on Monday Morning 9am British Summer Time (BST) on our app. Amazon is the most expensive stock on our app, at $3573.63 beating Google’s parent company Alphabet’s $2539.40. Intel is one of the lowest stocks at $54.97, slightly ahead of Pzifer and NIO.

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The image above is the second batch of prices, on the week starting 26 July 2021. Here, you can see slightly different prices and either an increase/decrease percentage % from last weeks prices. Amazon’s price is trending upwards yet again, as are Facebook and Microsoft and it doesn’t look like they are going down any time soon. Intel dropped 3.58% despite the difference being less than $2, and Netflix’s decrease continuing yet again.

Above is an image of the other brand stock prices from Monday 19th July compared to Monday 26 July, again with increase/decrease percentage comparison. The biggest culprit being Nvidia, with a decrease of over 73% which is shocking despite news of their tech being in the new series of Nintendo Switches, amazing graphics boosting gameplay and others but could be the blow dealt by the acquisition over Arm being delayed by the EU. Other increase including Alphabet, American Express, NIO and more.


We started the forex trading tracking prices on Wednesday 21 July at 9am BST. Again, these prices have been compared to other brokers to make sure prices are competitively similar.

Currently, we only have these 5 options on the app. But no worries, we’ll soon have more with our new update coming out soon. Yes you read that correctly, an update coming soon.

..The prices haven’t change drastically, some by a few pennies. In either case, not much loss or wins in this category, but we’ll continue to supply the information weekly.


We started the crypto trading tracking prices on Friday 23 July 2021 at 9am BST. Like the other two, prices were compared to other brokers to make sure they are similar.

Fantastic news for all you crypto buyers, all the current crytpocurrencies currently on our app are on the rise, all with a healthy increase percentage. Bitcoin jumped up $400 with Litecoin up $15. Both Ripple and Ethereum both rose slighty at $0.29 and $0.15 respectively.


We do have another aspect to the trading screen other than stocks, forex and crypto. Commodities is a less-known and used aspect for most people, but it was included either way. Unlike the other options, commodities are not shared weekly, but will be shared bi-weekly on these blogs going forward.

All of the options in the commodities have seen an increase in prices and trends look to continue upwards. We will keep you updated in the next bi-weekly blog.

If you dont want to wait for these bi-weekly blog posts or weekly social posts, do download our app available both on the Google Play Store and the App Store to check price trends and practice trading by using fake virtual currency with a no strings attached.

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