How to use the BullBear App

(July 2021 Edition)

Using apps is an everday occurance these days, no matter if its personal, social, shopping or at work. Sometimes, apps can be quite confusing to understand, this is why this guide exists. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a small gif tutorial of the app.

We formally welcome to you the BullBear App!


Download the app on Google Play | Download the app on the App Store

At the beginning, you can either sign in or enter as a guest. We recommend signing up as this way, you can keep track of your current progress (You’ll see why later!). You can also choose to login via your Facebook Channel, but we’ll show the sign-up process either way.

Sign-up screen on the app

Type in your email, selected password and remember to read the Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions before agreeing. Select sign up and lets proceed.


This window is your homepage. You can find everything here from the trades, games, profile and more.

The app’s homepage

The feedback button allows you to leave a comment and up to 5 star rating feedback. If you can, please leave feedback so we can see what you think of the app and how we can improve.

The profile button opens your profile, which contains your username, email, profile picture and the option to change password.

The more button has more options, from settings, inviting friends, completed games and more. In this tutorial, we changed the setting to dark mode to allow a much nicer viewship.

Before we leave, notice the number 10 and the word bulls aside at the top. This is the number of Bulls you currently own, you can gain more bulls by doing challenges. Let’s continue to the Trade!


Trade is our practice trade area. The trades is broken by tabs; popular, stocks, forex, crypto and commodities. Here you’ll find a number of big brands and their stock prices, trends and more. The trends and stock prices mirror the actual prices in the stock market giving you the best real feeling when trading our fake currency.

The trade screen

You start of with 1 million coins. You can spend as many of those coins as possible when trading, and you can reset the coins at any given time. Remember, there is a trade fee of 0.1% and we do recommend mirror how much you would spend, rather than a unrealistic number. For example, if you plan on spending £100 on shares in Facebook in real life, you should also spend 100 coins in the game to give you the best realistic results.

You can always look at your portfolio by clicking the 3 … button on the top right corner.

Learn (Quiz)

Learn, or quiz, is the second option on the homepage. There are 14 quizzes here, each giving you a number of bulls for a right question. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will win the number of bulls stated. Each question has a read first option, here you’ll read up on a journal/blog, in which the quiz will test you on. Normally, you have 4mins to answer the quiz before the time runs out, so make sure you are on your A game.

The Learn (Quiz) screen

Disclaimer: The source and quizzes are for information purposes only; not intended as financial advice


Here we have our two partnerships; one with eToro and the other easyMarkets.


The most interactive part of the app, the games are here to test your new found knowledge and ability against other players. There are 5 option; Play Duel, Tech Sector, Digital Currencies, Popular EFTs, and Healthcare Sector.

The games screen

The Play Duel is the easiest of games. Here you’ll have an hour to make the most coins where you’ll win 5 bulls. You can play as many as possible and the only limit is your potential. This is also the best place to win bulls to enter the other competitions.

  • Tech Sector cost 10 Bulls to enter. To win the game, you need to gain the most money and the player sitting first on the leaderboard wins 30 Bulls.
  • Digital Currencies cost 10 Bulls to enter, and unlike the Tech Sector, the top 50% of players win 30 Bulls.
  • Popular ETFs cost 30 Bulls and work the exact way as Tech Sector, with the winner winning 60 Bulls.
  • The Healthcare Sector cost 30 Bulls to enter, and like Digital Currencies, the top 50% wins 60 Bulls.


Lastly, we enter the last option on the homepage – the rewards option.

The rewards section

Depending on how many Bulls you own, you can either trade for a £5 Amazon e-voucher with 400 Bulls or £20 App Store, Google Play or Netflix e-voucher for 1100 Bulls. Which one you’ll go for is up to yourself.

Do remember to read the terms and agreements as the conditions of the prize is located there.

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